Portion control your Easter treats

CHOCOLATE eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate bilbies, hot cross buns... Ahh, just one more?  Yes, please!

Hang ten sunshine!

Those little mini Easter eggs, although they look small, can be loaded with calories that may just end up on your thighs.

So we have created a guide to make sure you survive this Easter season free of bloating, guilt and extra calories and what you need to do to burn off those eggs.

A healthy snack size is up to 600kJ - the equivalent of about two pieces of fruit - so we've calculated how much of each of these treats equals around 600kJ.

And if you just don't care about gorging yourself on chocolate for 'just one day' then you might want to grab some vanilla tea while stocking up on eggs for the weekend, it will cure your chocolate hangover.


Maltesers Teasers - Yes, they may be inviting and delicious and crunchy but just limit yourself to 4.2 eggs.








Mars Mini eggs -  The gooey centre is enough to give in but you can only have 3.9 eggs for the 600 kJ limit.









Red Tulip Caramel Eggs - They are one of the most recognised brands of Easter and and the most amazing but you can only have 2.5 eggs.















Cadbury strawberry eggs - Bright pink centre surrounded by milk chocolate not everyone can pass these up but enjoy 2.4 eggs.












Heritage milk chocolate bunnies - They might look adorable but they can be evil if you are watching the chocolate intake. You can have 2.2 bunnies.





  • 15 minutes jogging
  • 20 minutes skipping
  • 40 minutes fast walking
  • 20 minutes rowing
  • 30 minutes swimming
  • 45 minutes of table tennis

This will depend on your age, weight and height.

When did the humble Easter egg become more about shoving too much chocolate down your gullet than its original notion of "a new beginning?"

Whether you delve into the day's religious meaning or not, the egg itself was supposed to symbolise "new life" which might be more inspirational to muse over than how much chocolate you can consume in one day.

You may already realise that you're the kind of person who simply needs their chocolate on Easter Sunday, but try a bit of portion control and enjoy just a few better-quality eggs instead of a huge bag from a discount store.

Opt for darker chocolate as it offers more antioxidants than milk or white varieties.

Fruit dipped in chocolate is another delicious way to get your chocolate fix while also enjoying the benefits of fresh fruit.

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