Police Minister slams headline-grabbing schoolies

QUEENSLAND Police Minister Jack Dempsey has praised the vast majority of schoolies celebrating on the Gold Coast on their behaviour, but took aim at the small number who have ensured the week-long event dominated national headlines.

Mr Dempsey said in State Parliament today a very small number of schoolies have been taking their lives into their own hands with their reckless behaviour on hotel balconies.

"I am sure members have seen the shocking footage of schoolies, many floors up, climbing between balconies putting their lives at risk and causing heartache for parents, police and the community," he said.

"I urge schoolies to take responsibility and stop this reckless behaviour.

"Police have already arrested two schoolies for this dangerous behaviour and will not hesitate to act when someone puts their own life or other lives at risk."

Mr Dempsey said more than 300 police officers will be patrolling the schoolies precinct and surrounding areas until November 30.

"Police have put many measures in place to ensure that schoolies is a memorable and safe time," he said.

"I would like to congratulate the vast majority of 2013 schoolies for their behaviour so far.

"Since the schoolies period officially began just 34 of the 173 arrests made by police have been schoolies."

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