Police investigated the whole fleet.
Police investigated the whole fleet.

Police investigate fleet after catching speeding truckie

THE company that operates the truck allegedly caught speeding 50km above the speed limit on the weekend has been hit with several infringements after a police investigation yesterday.

The driver in question was fined after police said they detected him driving at 150km/hr on the Hume Highway at Mittagong in New South Wales on Saturday morning.

Upon inspection, police claim the b-double that was carrying general freight and weighed 60.7 tonnes, was found to have partially working drive axles on the prime mover and inoperative brakes on the A trailer axles one and two.

The driver, who had his licence suspended for six months and was fined $3691, was also issued infringements for work diary offences.

Because of the defect notices and fines, police investigated the rest of the trucks in the HIT Transport fleet located in Georges Hall yesterday.

Thirteen heavy vehicles were inspected with two issued with a major defect category (red and yellow label) for "brake airline leak and excessive brake wear".

Police said 11 minor defects were issued for the remainder of the fleet, ranging from dash turn signals inoperative, excess movement at turn table jaw area, exhaust mount broken, insufficient tread on tyres, engine oil leaks and brake imbalance on various axles.

Five infringement notices were issued for minor defects and four for work diary offences.

A licence suspension advice was issued to one of the drivers for failing to comply with RMS medical grounds.

RMS inspectors also issued nine speed limiter compliance notices as an audit for vehicles within the fleet that were identified to exceed the average speed limit of 100km/hr on the Hume Highway.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Chief Inspector Phil Brooks said the Traffic Task Force would continue to respond to events involving serious non-compliance and work with RMS to ensure that heavy vehicles were both safe and compliant on New South Wales roads.

"It is these sorts of events that trigger the response of the Traffic Task Force, ensuring those that are involved in serious non-compliance are inspected and corrected to ensure the safety of other road users," he said.

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