Plantable, Biodegradable Vegetable Labels.
Plantable, Biodegradable Vegetable Labels. Ben Huttly's design.

Plantable, Biodegradable Veggie Labels

IT'S always kind of sad to see a bright red cluster of vine-ripe tomatoes suffocating inside a flimsy plastic bag. Or so thinks Ben Huttly, an enterprising young Brit.

Drawing on his design skills (he’s a student at the Arts University College in Bournemouth), Huttly came up with a solution to this dilemma: a set of earthy-chic, laser-cut labels that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the planet.

The labels themselves are completely biodegradable, plus — and here’s the best part — they even contain tiny little seeds of whatever vegetable it is that you’ve just purchased. So once you’ve polished off those organic carrots, you can toss your label in some dirt and start a little garden of your own.

“My initial intension was to inspire people to start gardening and reduce unnecessary waste,” Huttly says.

“This gave me the idea to show people just how simple it is to grow their own food, using packaging as a method of communication.”

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