WINNER: ‘Show Off’ by Jill Robertson was the overall winner of the 2019 Lockyer in the Wild photography competition.
WINNER: ‘Show Off’ by Jill Robertson was the overall winner of the 2019 Lockyer in the Wild photography competition.

Photo exhibition offers insight into wilds of Lockyer

THE natural beauty of the Lockyer Valley has been meticulously captured by keen-eyed locals, and their efforts are now available for viewing.

The Lockyer in the Wild Nature Photography Competition was organised by Lockyer Uplands Catchments Inc. and sponsored by several business and community groups, with the goal of encouraging people to get outdoors and explore their native landscape.

LUCI President Diane Guthrie said the exhibition was a beautiful showcase of the rich natural diversity of the Lockyer Valley.

“Some of the photos captured unique moments in nature. The damselfly sitting on the nose of a turtle just poking out of the water, and the warm breath of a Satin Bower bird highlighted by the sun on a winter’s morning,” she said.

“Altogether there were 122 photos submitted – 97 in the Open Section and 25 in the Primary School Section.”

Prizes and awards for the winning entries were presented at an exhibition at the Stockyard Creek Community Hall on Friday, which attracted about 60 attendees, including LVRC Mayor Tanya Milligan and several other councillors.

The overall winner was Jill Robertson’s Show Off, featuring a rainbow lorikeet climbing around on a flower spike.

The full list of winners are as follows:

Primary School Section, Category 1 – Native animal(s) in their natural habitat

Billy’s bearded dragon – Bill Gray

Hungry Magpie – Krystal Connelly

Boobook in tree – Alice de May

Primary School Section, Category 2 – Native Botanical

Beautiful shade – Alice de May

The bottle tree – Chase Walker

Our beautiful trees – Lillian Gray

Open Category 1 – Native animal(s) portrait

Amphibian smile – Beate Ammer

Plumed whistling duck – Garry Innes

Jumping spider – Selina Boyle

Open Category 2 – Native animal(s) in their natural habitat

Show Off –Jill Robertson

Dancing thornbills – Reisuke Shimomura

Late Visit – Beate Ammer

Open Category 3 – Native Botanical

Xanthorrhoea Glauca Flower Spike – Jill Robertson

Budding 1 – Selina Boyle

Eremophila Flower – Sandra Giles

The total number of photos submitted this year was slightly less than the number of entries from the inaugural competition, and LUCI will decide at its December AGM whether the competition will be renewed for a third year.

Though the competition is now over, Diane is still encouraging people to explore the environment, and do their part to preserve it.

“LUCI’s aim is to encourage people to understand the richness of the natural world that surrounds them,” she said.

“Some of our species are unique to the Valley, and a number are on the threatened species list. The more aware we are, and the more we understand the habitat needs of species, the better we can target our conservation work.”

For those who missed out on the night, the exhibition will be hosted in the reception area of the Ma Ma Creek State School, where photos can be viewed between 9am-4pm until the November 13.

For more information on LUCI, visit

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