Pauline Hanson One Nation candidate for Lockyer, Corey West.
Pauline Hanson One Nation candidate for Lockyer, Corey West.

PHON candidate to give youngsters ‘fair go’ at life

A LIFELONG One Nation supporter says his driving force behind running for the seat of Lockyer is to ensure his sons get a “fair go” in life.

Corey West, a single father-of-two and business owner, will challenge Jim McDonald’s seat at the Queensland Election on October 31 to ensure the “future” isn’t taken away from the next generation.

“I’d like to see my boys have a job and buy a house one day,” he said.

“To me, time and freedom are more important than money (and) I want to ensure things they enjoy in the future aren’t taken away.”

The Lowood man, a tradesman and farmer, said he will advocate for water security and bringing manufacturing to the region, as well as battling the Inland Rail project.

“I don’t see the point of vegetables being grown within the salad bowl only to be shipped to different areas for manufacturing,” Mr West said.

“Our region is booming, and people are going to need and want employment, and if they can have it closer to their house it’s much better.

“This area is within two hours of four airports – I think as far as the manufacturing goes it needs to stay here.”

Mr West’s passion for farming and the agriculture stems from his New South Wales property where he grows low THC marijuana for CBD oil, seed and fibre.

This season would be his third year, but border restrictions have prevented planting a crop.

“I’ve had two years of drought that has killed the crop,” he said.

“This year I’ve had the best rain I’ve had in years and I can’t get down to my farm because it’s in New South Wales.”

The secluded crop was challenging to get off the ground due to the requirements involved, Mr West said.

“The health benefits are known to some but not known to most,” Mr West said.

“Humans are very much lacking cannabinoids in their systems, and I believe that’s why a lot of diseases are prevalent in humans.”

In addition, Mr West runs a men’s mental health program, which stemmed from his own family issues.

“When friends split up (in relationships) they wanted to come and talk to me about it,” he said.

“It was away from everyone else, mobile phones and just talk – nothing else.

“I reckon I’ve saved lives for sure, just by allowing people to talk.”

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