I'm really not impressed by the damage done to my car.
I'm really not impressed by the damage done to my car. Carlie Walker

To the person who scrawled the word 'ugly' on my car

QUEENSLAND journalist Carlie Walker had been hearing growing numbers of reports about vehicles being vandalised on the Fraser Coast. Then she became a victim. This is her message to the vandals.

I'VE been lucky in life in that I've never had anything really valuable stolen or had any property damaged.

When I was about 19, I bought a Marilyn Manson CD. I remember how much I was looking forward to listening to that CD.

Anyway, I was on the way home to Morisset from Sydney when I realised my precious CD had been nicked, leaving me in a Marilyn Manson-less existence.

I was a broke student at the time, so going out and buying another one wasn't really an option.

Eventually I got my CD years later at a secondhand store for $10.

I was reflecting on how generally lucky I'd been after my husband returned home from a mate's house to find my car had been keyed.

I've been seeing a fair bit of this on the Fraser Coast social media pages in the past few weeks and I know I'm not the only one who has had vandals attack their possessions.

But it's still something that leaves you feeling angry, frustrated and wondering why people can't leave other people's things alone.

Not only is the paintwork damaged, but whoever did it has scrawled swearwords and the word "ugly" into the sides of my car. I know the odds of finding the culprit is slim and I know mine is just one of the cars in the region that has been vandalised.

So I write this in the hope of shaming those who decide to cause this sort of damage.

People sacrifice and work hard so they can can have a car and keep it running.

Nothing about having a car is inexpensive, from buying it to keeping it on the road and making sure there's enough fuel in it to get from A to B.

The people who do this get no personal gain, unlike the person who stole my CD and no doubt enjoyed hours of Marilyn Manson goodness.

This is pure mean-heartedness and pathetic behaviour.

Now we will have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a new paint job courtesy of our insurance.

I hope that karma catches up with whoever did it.

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