'Profit unknown': Pensioner caught dealing pain meds

Brian William Dickinson has been convicted of trafficking dangerous drugs.
Brian William Dickinson has been convicted of trafficking dangerous drugs. Ross Irby

A PENSIONER has been caught out selling his pain pills in a police sting.

In the Crown case before Ipswich District Court, 66-year-old Brian Dickinson sold hundreds of his Oxycodone pills - with the prescribed pain relief medication having a street value of nearly $9000.

Dickinson pleaded guilty to trafficking in the dangerous drug at Flinders View between August 1 and October 21, 2016.

Crown prosecutor Caitlin Thompson said a police operation targeting drug trafficking on the Sunshine Coast had detected Dickinson in 14 phone calls and text messages to another man.

Codewords had also been used.

She said Dickinson supplied the man six times with Oxycodone - involving 224 tablets.

Ms Thompson said each packet of tablets cost him between $10 and $12 but the street value of each tablet was $40 which was worth about $8960.

"His profit is not known," Ms Thompson said.

"In the phone calls, he indicated he was supplying others with the drug."

Police found two empty boxes of Oxycodone at his home on October 20, 2015, and 14 tablets left in a third box.

"He was on-selling drugs to others prescribed to him," she said.

The Crown found he had reasonable prospects of rehabilitation and could be released without serving jail time.

In his submission, defence barrister Justin Sibley said that while a jail term was appropriate it should be wholly suspended.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC said a jail term should be imposed to remind Dickinson that he must abide by the law, "and cannot be making money on the side by selling his pain medication".

Judge Lynch took into consideration his co-operation, significant health problems, psychological report and the explanation (in a written letter) for his offending as being in his favour.

He said significant levels of the drug had been prescribed to Dickinson but it was unclear how much he profited.

He accepted Dickinson had been injured in a work accident and on an invalid pension for back injury with ongoing pain, and suffered strokes.

Judge Lynch convicted and sentenced Dickinson to 12 months' jail - immediately suspended for two years.

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