Woman who cut off Noel Clark’s penis testifies in court

THE woman who cut off Noel Allan Clark's penis has told the Maryborough Supreme Court she had no idea the Maryborough man was going to be killed in her home.

Dianna Gay Wright, sentenced to nine years imprisonment last year for her involvement in the alleged murder of Mr Clark, was called to give evidence in the trial of co-accused Graeme Kenneth Wright, who is no relation to Ms Wright.

She said while she did lure Mr Clark to her home on May 25, 2009, she thought Wright and co-accused Byron Naylor "were just going to have a punch on".

She told the court the two men were hiding in her house when she turned up with Mr Clark and her infant son.

Naylor came out first, she said, and started swinging at Mr Clark with a baseball bat.

She said Wright grabbed an electrical cord, wrapped it around Mr Clark's neck and held him still while Naylor hit him across the head with the bat three times.

"He fell to the ground. His head was split open and there was blood everywhere."

She said Wright then sprayed about "half a can" of Start Ya Bastard, a potent aerosol spray for car engines, directly onto his face.

"Graeme checked his pulse and said he was dead," she said.

Wright said the two men sat outside drinking rum for about an hour before wrapping Mr Clark up in a doona and dragging his body into the boot of his car, which was backed up to the rear of her house.

"Noel was blue," she said.

Wright told the court she followed the men out of town in the accused man's ute to a bush track.

"I was scared they were going to do something to me ... I cut off his penis with a Stanley knife," she said.

Under cross-examination, she admitted she had not been ordered to do so.

She also admitted to telling four different versions of the alleged murder since being charged.

Wright said she went home and she didn't see the two men again for two days.

She said she did not know what happened to the body.

Wright told the court she had an on-and-off sexual relationship with Mr Clark in 2008 but was friends with him at the time of his death and was sleeping with Naylor.

She said she only met Graeme Wright a month before the alleged murder.

"Graeme rang me out of the blue," she said.

"He asked us to help him set-up Noel Clark."

The trial before Justice Ann Lyons continues.

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