Pedophile spied on sleeping girls

A CONVICTED child sex offender has been placed on probation after he was caught watching two young Ipswich girls asleep through their open bedroom window.

But the disturbing “Peeping Tom” incident was only the latest sickening offence for the 26-year-old Ipswich man.

Ipswich District Court heard Peter Robert McGreevy placed a chair outside the girls’ North Ipswich bedroom, opened the window and abused himself while watching them sleep in the early hours of November 19 last year.

The girls, who were aged 12 and eight at the time, did not wake, but their mother heard a noise and entered their room to discover the window wide open.

The mother immediately called police, who arrived 30 minutes later.

Police tested DNA found at the scene and matched it to McGreevy.

McGreevy at first denied going to the house but pleaded guilty once the DNA results were returned.

In August 2008, McGreevy had pleaded guilty to a charge of trespassing after police found him in the yard of a stranger’s Ipswich home.

McGreevy claimed he was urinating, but officers discovered a young girl could be seen sleeping from one of the bedrooms.

In another disturbing offence four years ago, McGreevy watched a horror movie and then picked a mobile phone number at random to text: “I want to slice you across your belly and watch your insides slip across the floor. I’ll paint your name in blood. Hahaha.”

The terrified woman who received the message called police. McGreevy later admitted he “sent the message to see what would happen”.

McGreevy was convicted of indecently dealing with a six-year-old boy in 2003.

Crown Prosecutor Rachelle Logan argued McGreevy should receive 12 to 18 months jail to serve three to four months behind bars.

Judge Gregory Koppenol described McGreevy’s actions as “deviant”.

“It is particularly worrying with the potential to be very dangerous behaviour,” Judge Koppenol said.

“Normal people don’t go around looking in people’s bedrooms and masturbating.”

McGreevy pleaded guilty to a charge of observations in breach of privacy.

He was given three years’ probation with a condition he attend psychological or psychiatric counselling as required.

Judge Koppenol said he sentenced McGreevy to probation rather than jail time so that he could get help.

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