Pauline Hanson still believes she can win Lockyer.
Pauline Hanson still believes she can win Lockyer.

Pauline Hanson says Lockyer will go to the wire

ONLY a few dozen votes separate Pauline Hanson from the balance of power in Queensland and the only certainty in the seat of Lockyer is that it will be days before we know who has won.

Scrutineers for LNP incumbent Ian Rickuss were confident their man had the numbers based on the preference flow of postal votes.

However the Hanson camp disputes some of their conclusions and they believe Ms Hanson can still win the seat which has been a rollercoaster ride since preference counting started on Sunday.

The official figures have Mr Rickuss leading by 214 votes with 39 booths counted of 61 and about 600 postal votes to come.

However Ms Hanson told the Gatton Star today the result was too close to call.

"Notional two-party preferences are being distributed but this may not indicate a clear winner," Ms Hanson said.

"If it is still too close after these preferences have been distributed, then we will be counting the full preference distributions."

MP Ian Rickuss remains tight-lipped while the count continues having mistakenly claimed victory on Sunday based on incorrect two party preferred results on the Electoral Commission Queensland website.

The count was removed after election analyst and Ipswich councillor Paul Tully pointed the error out.

The ECQ told the Gatton Star in a statement that a notional count was conducted on Saturday evening to provide indicative information for the benefit of the media and the parties.

"It is not an official count, it is often useful for giving a sample of how the electorate has voted," the ECQ statement said.

"There is no error in counting in Lockyer. We selected the incorrect top 2 candidates for that notional count. 

"We have now selected the top two candidates and are proceeding with another notional count."

The ECQ said they were proceeding with the official count.

"The first step is to count all the votes and determine candidate order, after that we allocate preferences," the ECQ said.

"While there tends to be speculation on a successful candidate based upon a notional count, the Commission does not declare a successful candidate until the mathematical possible of another candidate winning is eliminated."

The final election result must be declared by next Tuesday, February 10.

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