SWEET SUCCESS: Jak & Mo's Taste Co team were thrilled to see their hard work pay off.
SWEET SUCCESS: Jak & Mo's Taste Co team were thrilled to see their hard work pay off. Contributed

Passion fuels cafe owners' dream come true

EVERY day, Ange Jackwitz returns from work exhausted but fired up with passion at the same time.

She said this passion, which is particularly strong when she's pottering around the little cafe she calls her 'fourth child', is the reason Jak & Mo Taste Co collected two awards at the 2017 Lockyer Business, Training and Apprenticeship Awards.

Ms Jackwitz took home the Food and Dining Award and the People's Choice Award, an experience she described as 'surreal'.

"I wanted it to happen so badly but I never expected it,” she said.

"I'm just such a little fish and such a little shop.

"When I decided to put in for the awards, I thought to just have a little love and recognition would be wonderful but it seemed so out of reach.”

Jak & Mo Taste Co opened its doors on Gatton's Railway Street just under two years ago and Ms Jackwitz said she's still not tired of turning up for work every morning.

"Everybody keeps asking 'Are you over it?' and I say 'Hell no - I'm having so much fun!',” she said.

"I've been a stay-at-home mum for 12 years and I always wanted my own business and to create something but it was never my time.

"When it became my time, I just unleashed everything.

"I'm not a business woman, it was never about the business or the money-making, I just wanted to cook food.”

With the latest honours under her belt, Ms Jackwitz said she had ideas for further improvement and said she was considering expanding their probiotic food range with an epicerie.

The mother-of-three also thanked her team and her customers for supporting her dream.

"Gatton and the wider community have embraced us and loved us as we've loved them and they've made us into who we are today,” she said.

"I want to extend my gratitude and thanks to everyone who has helped be a part of this.”

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