Maryborough’s Lachlan Cosgrove in his budgie smullgers and his on-screen partner Sarah Lawther.
Maryborough’s Lachlan Cosgrove in his budgie smullgers and his on-screen partner Sarah Lawther. Contributed

Our nerdy Cossie ices the cake

REALITY TV fans all over the Fraser Coast will be tuning in tonight to see if Maryborough's favourite nerd Lachlan Cosgrove can take out the top prize in the series final of Beauty And The Geek.

The self-confessed politics obsessive's life has turned upside down during the show, which pairs ditzy but adorable "beauties" with book-smart, socially backwards "geeks" for a $100,000 prize.

But win or lose, the experience was one Lachlan will never forget - and just in case, he is carrying a permanent physical reminder.

The former Maryborough State High schoolboy, now 22, had the name of his on-screen partner Sarah inked across his backside, as part of a TV challenge.

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Being new to the dating game, Lachlan admits he didn't take into account how fellow contestant Jordan - his real-life girlfriend - would feel about the tattoo.

"It definitely upset her, and her reaction made me doubt whether I'd made the right decision," Lachlan said.

"But mistakes make you a better person in the long run, and it will be a constant reminder to think things through in future."

After the pair hooked up during the filming of the series, the romance caused a ruckus when Jordan revealed on national radio that she had taken Lachlan's virginity on-set.

However Lachlan said yesterday the romance was "stronger than ever".

"It's definitely serious. We're committed and we love each other," he said.

"We're talking about how to make our long-distance relationship less long distance and more relationship."

On tonight's series final, the beauties will compete in a rocket science test while the geeks have to bake a cake in the likeness of their beauty, in a home economics test.

While Lachlan has aced challenges throughout the series, he said he nearly lost his cool when it came to the kitchen.

"I have a new-found respect for cake decorators, I've never found anything as frustrating as that marzipan icing," he said.

"I did get the cake finished, but I'm not sure Sarah would be happy to say it looks like her."

He was a little more enthusiastic about the "physical education" challenge, which took the form of synchronised diving - even though it saw him forced into wearing a skimpy swimming costume.

"I just channelled Tony Abbott, getting into those budgie-smugglers," he said.

But viewers will have to wait and see to find out how Lachlan fared, with the competition's winner kept tightly under wraps.

Tune into Channel 7 at 7.30 tonight to watch the finale of Beauty And The Geek.

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