Lachlan with Dolly and Emma.
Lachlan with Dolly and Emma.

'Geek' to impress beauties on TV

WITH braces, glasses, and interests including politics and constitutional law, Maryborough boy Lachlan Cosgrove admits his nerdy ways may be the reason he's never had a girlfriend.

But the 22-year-old business and law student hopes a stint on a reality TV show Beauty And The Geek could help him learn more about attracting the ladies.

"My sister told me I should apply, and I was a bit taken aback," Lachlan said.

"But I thought, I'm 22, I've never had a girlfriend, and I'm obsessive about politics. What have I got to lose?"

So he signed up to take part in the show, which paired "beauties" - young women who concentrated more on their looks than school books - with a group of intellectually-gifted but socially-inept "geeks", to compete for a $100,000 prize.

"The beauties are all very nice ladies, but it's a bit of a culture-shock in the house on set," Lachlan said.

"Myself and the other geeks aren't used to spending time with people who have personalities like that."

As a student at Maryborough State High School, Lachlan got good grades, played touch footy and had a close-knit group of mates.

But all of his friends were male and, despite having two sisters, Lachlan said he had never had the confidence to woo women.

"I've got braces now, but I was always really self-conscious about my teeth, and it's hard to enter into a courtship when you can't smile at someone," he said.

"The prospect of finding love on the show is quite unlikely, but I hope I will get the skills and tools to put in my tool bag of love."

While his braces and glasses might be off-putting to some superficial girls, Lachlan feared his real trouble with women might lie in his passion for politics.

"It's like when I talk to them, they hit the snooze button," he said.

"In terms of my dealings with women, I think I definitely hit the geek mould."

He admitted to fighting with his sister over who got the TV remote, so that he could watch question time while on his lunchbreak.

But his geekiest moments came when he worked in the Attorney-General's office in Canberra - after knocking back a cadetship at the Fraser Coast Chronicle - and used to sneak out of work to watch government in action at Parliament House.

Lachlan, who still relied on his mum to help him pick clothes, said Maryborough people might be surprised to see him on the TV.

"I've kept my struggles pretty well hidden but it's a light-hearted show and I think it will be fun to watch," he said.

The first episode of Beauty And The Geek Season 3 will air next Thursday on Channel 7.

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