Ost family's golden milestone

AFTER half a century of marriage, Les and Doris Ost have a lot of memories to look back on.

The Mt Sylvia couple will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on June 26 with friends and family including their five children Ivan, Allan, Janelle, Leon and Dianne.

Mr and Mrs Ost were married by Pastor Mirtschin at the Ropeley Lutheran Church in 1961.

“I already knew Les, because my sister married his brother and I used to pick potatoes for the Osts and when I was 17 we had our first night out,” she said.

“We were courting for five years and everyone was getting married and engaged around us and everyone was wondering what was going on, but I was determined I wasn't getting married until I was 21.

“Some people have asked me ‘does it seem like 50 years?' and I have to say, no way.”

While their wedding day might have been the biggest frost Ropeley had seen in Mrs Ost's lifetime, it turned out to be the start of a great partnership.

“Les is the most kind hearted man in the world,” she said.

“If all the men in the world were like him there wouldn't be a worry.

“It has been everything you could wish for in a life.”

Mr and Mrs Ost have lived at their Mt Sylvia property for their entire marriage, had five children and have since had six grandchildren.

“My mother had 15 children and I always said I was going to beat her but Les and I got to five and decided that was enough,” Mrs Ost said.

“We used to grow potatoes, pumpkins and some onions and we ran cattle the entire time.

“My whole life I wished there was a movie to show how much work we used to do in a day. We used to milk the cows by hand, then when the sun was just coming up we would be picking the potatoes then in the afternoon we would milk the cows again.”

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