Osaka Punch will tour nationally in October and November. Photo Contributed
Osaka Punch will tour nationally in October and November. Photo Contributed Contributed

Osaka Punch hit the road after single release

Osaka Punch have forged a reputation as one of Australia's most wildly entertaining live acts.

The group's distinctive fusion of catchy grooves, jazz chops and a rock ethos sets them apart from most heavy acts, and allows an element of humour and satire in an otherwise very serious scene.

Their tour in October and November hits Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, Wollongong, Sydney, Brisbane, Maroochydore, Bunbury, Margaret River and Perth in October and November 2017 and follows their latest single How We Operate.

For bassist Brenton Page the tour will bring back memories of growing up in Townsville and playing music to fans who don't always have access to the big gigs in the city.

"I love playing regional shows, I mean they can be pretty risky sometimes, as the turnouts really vary, but when you get a good one, they are always killer shows, and I think this is because they don't happen as often, so when they do people make the best of it," Brenton said.

"There are definitely some pros and cons about being a musician growing up in a regional area, a pro for me was if you were in a band that was tight and worked hard, getting on supports with touring national and international bands was a lot easier in your own town, as there was nowhere near as much competition, being in a city usually brings more bands to compete against for such slots,' he said.

"A con would have to be that there is generally less opportunity in regional towns, particularly for musicians playing in original bands."

He said he was really looking forward to the tour because playing live was his favourite thing about playing in a band.

"Some people like recording, some like writing and creating, I love touring," he said.

"We're really happy with our single 'How We Operate', and it has been good to finally play it live.

"Also we are touring with some killer bands and good friends like Rival Fire, Majora and Voyager so that makes it just one big party."

This is how Osaka Punch operate.

Drop mind-bending, genre-twisting rock track, announce tour dates, get in your face, get sweaty, get dirty (like, REAL dirty), and leave you sweaty, slightly confused and definitely satisfied.

Reviewers have been keen to emphasise the crowd-captivating live antics of both the outfit, and it's charismatic and ceaselessly energetic front man, Jack 'Muzak' Venables.

Frontman Jack Muzak mused about the song - "I wrote the lyrics to this song while on a six hour transit in Manila. I wanted to go somewhere peaceful to listen to the track and knuckle down so I went to a hotel close to the airport"

"This was of course an optical illusion, as the entire ceiling was covered in mirrors, and I realised I was in a sex motel," he said.

"After about half an hour I decided to eat the mint that'd been left on my pillow, only to realise it was, in fact, a condom thoughtfully left for me by the concierge.

"These are the lyrics that fell out of me that day."


Friday 20 October - Adelaide, SA

Enigma Bar

with Rival Fire, Terminal Zero, Twitch

Friday 27 October - Newcastle, NSW

The Small Ballroom

with Majora, Lese Majesty, Ceilings

Saturday 28 October - Sydney, NSW

The Factory Floor

with Majora, Genetics, Lese Majesty

Sunday 29 October - Wollongong, NSW

Rad Bar

with Majora, Swamp Road, Dune Messiah

Friday 3 November - Brisbane, QLD

The Brightside

with Majora, Rival Fire, He Danced Ivy

Saturday 11 November - Maroochydore, QLD

Sol Bar

with Hobo Magic, The Unknowns

Thursday 23 November - Bunbury, WA

Prince of Wales

with Voyager

Friday 24 November - Margaret River, WA

Settler's Tavern

with Voyager

Saturday 25 November - Perth, WA

The Sewing Room

with Voyager, Statues, Yomi Ship

Tickets available at 

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