Poll sees Labor ahead of Abbott government

OPPOSITION Leader Bill Shorten has ridden a wave of public sentiment to lift federal Labor's fortunes above the Coalition's for the first time since the 2010 election.

In the first Fairfax-Neilsen poll since the September 7 election, Labor has led the Abbott government in the two-party preferred stakes by 52% to 48%.

The lead represents about a six point swing back to Labor since the September 7 election that saw the party's historic defeat.

Primary support for Labor rose about four points to 37% and the government's fell five points to 41% since the election.

The Neilsen poll also asked voters about the carbon tax, with 57% backing the Coalition's calls for Labor to support abolishing the tax.

But only one-in-10 voters polled supported the Coalition's direct action policy, with most preferring Labor's alternative to move to an emissions trading scheme, rather than the current fixed price on carbon.

United front to fight for long term water security

United front to fight for long term water security

The two councils have come together to form the collaboration.

$16 million to target diseases

$16 million to target diseases

Tackling pests and diseases together

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