Ali Kuchel, Gatton Star editor.
Ali Kuchel, Gatton Star editor.

OPINION: Why Lockyer voters should care about politics

IF YOU have never cared about politics, or lodged a donkey vote each time an election rolls around, it's time to change that mindset.

We are facing one of the toughest times in Australian history - for some Queenslanders it's business as usual, but for much of the state, and the nation, we're in uncharted territory.

Australia is on the grips of a recession; unemployment levels are increasing and when you throw mental health issues on top - it's not a great outlook.

We need a local politician that will represent the Lockyer community and fight for the Lockyer community.

We need to not only survive coronavirus and the local recession, but also to come out the other end thriving.


That's why it's important you care about politics this month, educate yourself on the candidates running and where they stand on issues important to you and, of course, vote.

It's important to note I'm not saying our current MP, LNP's Jim McDonald hasn't done a great job - he has - but it's up to you to cast your vote for who you think is fit for the job.

Every vote counts.

Your vote counts.

That's why tonight, I'll be moderating a live forum with the four Lockyer Candidates at 7.30pm on the Gatton Star website.

I'll be joined by Jim McDonald (LNP), Corey West (PHON), Andrew Rockcliff (ONP) and Jim Savage (IND).

The candidates will have a chance to introduce themselves before answering a series of questions for the remaining time.

Unfortunately, due to coronavirus, we are unable to hold our normal meet the candidates forum right here in Gatton.

Instead, I invite you to join me tonight to watch the candidates as they discuss key issues in our area - water, jobs and the future.

This October 31, don't be a donkey.

Make your vote count to ensure your future, our future and your children's future is positive.

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