OPINION: Why it is too late to run for council this time

THERE'S plenty of speculation as to who is and who isn't running for the next local council election.

But if you haven't decided by now, time is up.

While there are still a number of weeks until registrations, it takes more than a few weeks to run a decent campaign and win the votes of Lockyer and Somerset constituents.

I'm no politician, and politics is not my strong point, but I believe it takes more than four to six weeks to develop a sound understanding of the issues, problems and concerns for the area.

For example, take the irrigators' plea for an additional water supply to the Lockyer Valley, coupled with pending water allocations for our growers.

The water topic is hugely complex and it takes more than a handful of weeks to get your head around it. I should know, I've been writing about it for almost four years.

Throw in the Inland Rail project and council's proposition for passenger rain and there's a fair bit to study up on.

Today, we released a list of Lockyer Valley Regional Councillors, and any new contenders, that have said they will be running.

You can read the list here.

If you're not on the list, and are running, who have you told? You need to let us know.

Deciding to run for council shouldn't be a half-hearted decision.

The people we elect need to know what's happening across the whole of their electorate, and they need to be passionate about it.

They can't be blow-ins looking for a cushy job - it's hard work.

There's no point putting up your hand to be a councillor, only to have no idea what's going on - that's just embarrassing.

Being a councillor can't be a half-arsed effort. It we want our region to flourish it's got to be all in or all out.

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