A full week has passed since the Queensland election and we still don't know who the member for Lockyer will be.

LNP incumbent Ian Rickuss leads Pauline Hanson by 183 votes with 56 booths of 61 counted, or 91.11% as a percentage of the rolls.

Nor do we have a premier with the defeated Campbell Newman still the caretaker holder of the office and Labor still unwilling to claim victory. We are lucky we have not had an emergency in this time.

The statewide uncertainty is mirrored locally in the seat of Lockyer which has been up and down like a Yo Yo Ma Ma Creek.

Mr Rickuss's lead has continued to hover around the 200 mark for several days now and though there is some narrowing, it appears he will hold on to declare victory.

However, having mistakenly declared victory early on Sunday Mr Rickuss has been more cautious since and hasn't said boo to anyone in the media this week.

He was in Brisbane to vote in Lawrence Springborg as party leader earlier today. Given that Mr Springborg launched Mr Rickuss's campaign it is safe to assume the latter voted for the former.

We have a call in to Mr Rickuss to confirm.

Ms Hanson is not saying much either. Her Facebook page has not been updated since Wednesday when it said the result was too close to call.

We bumped into the candidate on Thursday where again she disputed the way LNP scrutineers were calling the election.

The margin seems just beyond Pauline Hanson but like Mr Rickuss, the Gatton Star has already called this election wrong once before and does not want to repeat it until 100% is counted.

Even then it might not be over - It could end up in the court of disputed returns, like Ferny Grove, which Labor won, and probably not on the back of a bankrupt Palmer candidate.

If elected, Mr Rickuss would be on the opposition benches. Labor are on track to get 44 seats with Maryborough (though may have to win Ferny Grove twice).

With the guaranteed support of independent Peter Wellington of Nicklin, they have 45 votes, a majority in a house of 89.

Mr Wellington could be appointed speaker, but that would mean giving him a tie-break vote in the case of a 44-44 outcome.

The two Katter Party MPs Shane Knuth and Robbie Katter have not played their hand, but local KAP candidate David Neuendorf will have a part to play as a member of the state executive.

Mr Neuendorf finished in a disappointing fourth-place in Lockyer despite his preference deal with Hanson.

Steve Leese finished a close third behind Ms Hanson but Labor would be worried so many of their voters ignored their how to vote card which urged them to put One Nation last.

Instead 70% put Ms Hanson ahead of Mr Rickuss.

Mr Neuendorf didn't comment on Labor but said the shock election result showed LNP had made a big mistake with their asset lease strategy.

Overall the KAP would be happier with a rural-based Springborg leadership of the LNP ahead of Tim Nicholls.

Whether they prefer Mr Springborg to Annastacia Palaszczuk remains to be seen.

In the Julia Gillard hung parliament era, Mr Katter was happy to stay on the opposition benches but his Queensland MPs and Mr Neuendorf are not saying yet which way they will vote.

"I will continue to try as much as I can for the Lockyer," is all Mr Neuendorf would commit to,

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