One Nation candidate Mark Ellis was involved in taking three Aboriginal kids.
One Nation candidate Mark Ellis was involved in taking three Aboriginal kids.

One Nation candidate quits over threats

ONE Nation candidate Mark Ellis has withdrawn from the state election saying his family comes first following threats and harassment.

Mr Ellis, who was endorsed to stand in the Queensland seat of Macalister posted his decision on Facebook this morning.

"The constant abuse, harassment and threats to myself, my wife, my parents, and my friends - coupled with the damage to my business and my reputation are simply not worth it. I really don't need the job that badly, " he said.

"Family has to come first. I am a big target for the leftie media and the pathetic haters due to my success and profile and even though I'm personally okay - it's starting to hurt people close to me."

The former policeman has been trolled for his role as one of the Pinkenba Six - officers who were charged with kidnapping three Aboriginal youths in 1994. The charges were dropped.

"I would have honestly thought that something that happened 30 years ago, that got thrown out of court, shouldn't be an issue," Mr Ellis told Nine.

"I wouldn't do it again, I've learnt a lot from it but the circumstances at that time were very different to today."

The father-of-two has been left shocked by the attacks on his family and to his reputation.

The Facebook post went on: "The sheer avalanche of support that I have received from everyone has been quite simply overwhelming. People that I haven't spoken to in years were behind me 100 per cent. Friends had my back like never before. People from opposing parties (yes, even the Greens) were sending me messages of support. Their passion and enthusiasm was simply amazing. Humbling, in fact.

"Sadly - this consequently made some of them targets of threats and abuse as well - and I'm not prepared to put them through it. It was all fun and games until the pathetic "haters" started targeting my mum, my wife and my mates."

Mr Ellis said his security company has been operating for 10 years and some of his staff have been with him since then.

"I'm not a thug or a bully and I guarantee my staff will back me up on that. "

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