Aboriginal model search: Oasis sets sights on modelling

OASIS Armstrong knows how to strike a pose and rule the catwalk...and she's only just eight years old.

The young Aboriginal Model Search finalist has her heart set on becoming a 'real life' model when she grows up and after being selected as one of the eight local finalists from Saturday night's Aboriginal Model Search in Rockhampton, she's taking a step in the catwalk direction.

Oasis, 8, is heading off to the finals in Sydney in October but not before she gets some catwalk practice in.

"I just love everything about modelling," she said.

"I really love walking down the catwalk, I practice at home in front of mum. Before I go to Sydney I have to practice my posing and my runway walk.

"I'm hoping to win the competition but I don't really care if I don't, I just want to have fun."

The Berserker State School student started modelling in September.

Oasis's mum, Denise Bulman, saw her daughter's interest in modelling and encouraged her to give it a go with a local agency.

"She started off doing some catwalk training and photographic training with Elite Avenue modelling agency," she said

"She was a little shy at first but she really just shines when she's up there now. She loves it so much.

"She competed in the Miss Country Girl last year in Gladstone and won Miss Junior Queen so she's heading off to the Gold Coast next weekend for that."

For young Oasis, her trophy from the local competition is another ornament to put on the bookshelf but for Denise, it's much more than that.

"She's very proud of herself and her heritage," she said.

"She's still learning about her culture and the Indigenous side, which is from my side of the family, and she is South Sea Islander on her dad's side so it's important she knows that about her family and embraces it."

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