Nyrie Contor cannot yet touch son Brynn and daughter Asher with her skin.
Nyrie Contor cannot yet touch son Brynn and daughter Asher with her skin. Lee Constable

Nyrie takes her tiny babies home at last

NYRIE Contor's gorgeous twin babies are finally home.

Born eight weeks prematurely, Brynn and Asher are completely oblivious to the saga that has surrounded their young lives.

While pregnant, the Mackay school teacher was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive breast cancer, forcing her to deliver her babies early in order to begin treatment.

"It was hard to go backwards and forwards to the hospital so it's much easier now they're home," Nyrie said.

The mother of three has begun a gruelling 18 weeks of chemotherapy treatment, which leaves her unable to have skin-to-skin contact with her precious children.

"It has been hard," she said.

"Surprisingly I feel okay. After the treatment it's quite taxing... for the first five days I feel quite ill and very achy and sore."

After chemo Nyrie will probably require further surgery and then six weeks of radium treatment in Townsville.

A fundraiser, Save My Sister Nyrie, was set up by sister Vhari Kelly to take donations for treatment and, hopefully, help pay for a nanny.

An online Facebook auction starts at 8pm on Monday, November 19 and a charity auction dinner will be held on February 9.

Fundraising committee member Hayley Perkins said they were keen to add more items to the auction list.

"Also, people who are interested in giving financially... or if they have something they'd like to offer, they can just contact us via email directly."

Nyrie fought back tears as she expressed her gratitude for all the support.

"It's been absolutely incredible all the people that have donated things."


To donate:

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