Nude skydivers come tantalisingly close to world record

THEY took off their undies, jumped out of a plane and linked up, but sadly the naked skydivers over Toogoolawah fell just one body short of the world record on the weekend.

In an attempt to break the world record of 23 nude skydivers in formation, they managed to get 22 linked together, which was painfully close to the number required of 24.

Organiser of the charity event Ryan McStay said that due to technical difficulties, one of the planes on the day was unable to take everyone to the required height, meaning that it added pressure on the skydivers.

"We did one jump at 14,000 feet for practice, then another at 18,000 which required oxygen," he said. "We had 25 people there but two things went against us.

"Someone suffered an injury while ruled them out, then one of the planes had issues, which meant we had to then limit ourselves to jumping from 14,000 feet. This means we had around ten to fifteen seconds less (compared to 18,000 ft) to do the formation required to break the world record."

Despite the fact they came so close, all the skydivers are determined to try again.

"We are all fired up to keep going. We can do two things. We either make this an annual thing for charity, or there is the option of going to the United States in their summer and try it again."

So far the event has raised almost $20,000 for research into Multiple Sclerosis, and Ryan, along with partner Kaitlyn Sapier (who was diagnosed with MS) have been blown away by the community support locally, and around the globe.

"We've had messages from people all over the world, and while it was cold up there, and a bit embarrassing, everyone was focused on the job in hand.

"We've been blown away with the support, but let me say going live on national TV on The Today Show on Friday was much scarier than jumping out of a plane in the nude."

Stay tuned to for updates on further attempts, and you can still donate to the event at

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