NINE people have been left with nothing and homeless after a horrific blaze destroyed two homes in Rockhampton this morning. 

Just before 1am, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services crews were called to 361 Bolsover St in Depot Hill following reports of a house fire. 

On arrival, crews found a home engulfed in flames and despite their best efforts, the blaze quickly spread to a neighbouring property. 

Both of the homes were completely destroyed and a third, which was lucky to be saved, sustained minor damage. 


>>Home owners share grief after losing everything in inferno

A family of four resided in the first house destroyed while a family of five lived in the second home. 

With smoke from the blaze visible from as far away as Frenchville and flames shooting high into the sky, QFES Rockhampton Station Officer Gavin Shuker described the incident as 'pretty big'. 

"It has been a pretty big job. We turned up to one house well alight and with two houses under threat, one of the houses was just too close and it caught alight and has been lost as well," Officer Shuker said. 

"We managed to save the other house."

Fire destroys two homes in Bolsover Street.
Fire destroys two homes in Bolsover Street. Melanie Plane

Officer Shuker said initial reports indicated two persons were missing, feared trapped in the blaze. 

"We had a report of two people missing and rescue was our priority when we first turned up," he said. 

"After a few minutes we confirmed that all persons were out and the priority went to saving the other houses.

"It was extremely lucky that we didn't lost both houses on both sides. We actually had two lines down the other side trying to stop it but the heat got too much for the firies and they were curled up. 

"They were actually behind structures trying to save the house and they held on until the very last minute before pulling out.


Depot Hill fire
Depot Hill fire


"The house on the southern side actually started to smoke, got burn marks and melting and actually started to light up within the eaves but we managed to save that.

"The crews have done extremely well tonight."

Officer Shuker said every house fire was extremely traumatic. 

"Every time you see one it doesn't get any newer. It's just the heat and the stress of the people that own the house... the amount that the crews go through, it's a pretty traumatic event for everyone," he said. 

"In this area, Depot Hill, are all built with wood and the age and style of the houses obviously catches alight very quickly once a fire starts and when we got here it was well alight, it was basically a case of controlling the situation."

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