Most people have experienced music. It is singers singing and instruments playing. It's what you hear at a concert, on the radio, or what comes out of the earphones or speakers of a sound system.

Music has a long history having existed for many thousands of years. Every culture in the world includes music in some form and therefore is part of our daily lives.

Music encompasses a large range of elements and is composed and performed for many purposes: - entertainment, ceremonies, relaxation, celebrations, to express ideas and feelings or purely for enjoyment.

It covers a broad spectrum of styles such as traditional indigenous music, classical, jazz, country, rock, pop, hip hop, reggae and rap. The world of music provides a vast number of opportunities. You may play an instrument in an orchestra or band, become the hottest new singer in the charts, teach music, become a recording artist or sound engineer, compose music or write lyrics for a song. 


1. Piano (P and O)

2. Tuba (two ba)

3. Clarinet (clar in et)

4. Symbols


1. Fear of missing out

2. Bunnings

3. Spectre

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