Newman creates part-time jobs, while others disappear

QUEENSLAND may have added 1100 jobs to the economy each month, but it also lost 741 full-time positions at the same time.

The government's promise to lower unemployment to 4 per cent over six years during the 2012 election campaign, has haunted its first term in office, as it has watched the rate climb from 5.5 per cent to 6.9 per cent, the highest in mainland Australia.

The government has attempted to tell a happier story, referring instead to job creation figures.

Like Treasurer Tim Nicholls before him, Premier Campbell Newman and the LNP election campaign ads point to 1100 jobs added each month.

That figure is seemingly taken from the total employed persons trend statistics provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics jobs reports.  In March 2012, that number was at 2,2286,500.  It grew by 36,800 to 2,323,300 in November 2014. 

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