Sharron Phillips: "My dad could've been a serial killer"

Sharron Phillips
Sharron Phillips

A SON of a taxi driver has come forward and claimed his dead father is respoSnsible for the death of Ipswich woman Sharron Phillips who disappeared more than three decades ago.

The man also claimed his father was responsible for other murders but did not elaborate on them during an recent interview.

Ms Phillips, 20, disappeared on May 8, 1986 after her car ran out of petrol about 11pm on Ipswich Rd at Wacol.

She had called her boyfriend from nearby service station and asked him to pick her up but when he arrived, she was gone.

Ms Phillips has not been seen or heard from since and is presumed to have been murdered.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, told Nine News Brisbane the information he revealed to police led to the recent search at Carole Park.

He said his father told him about the location in 2002 during a death bed confession.

COLD CASE: The man (pictured above) in an interview at the weekend and (below) the Carole Park search site.
COLD CASE: The man (pictured above) in an interview at the weekend and (below) the Carole Park search site. Channel Nine News

Police spent two weeks in May removing soil and debris from two drains at Cobalt St but failed to find any evidence or human remains.

The man said in the interview with Nine News his father dropped his taxi at the same spot Ms Phillips called her boyfriend from the night she disappeared.

The man said when he arrived to pick up his father after his shift he saw the taxi parked suspiciously down a dirt lane.

He said his father's behaviour was erratic and he demanded to use his car.

"He said, 'Wait here and keep an eye out for police' and then he reversed the car around to the back," the man said.

The man said he heard the boot of his car close and "loud thumping" on the drive home which his father dismissed when he questioned him about it.

"He did not really acknowledge me, he just turned up the stereo and kept driving," he said.

Police continue the search for the remains of Sharron Phillips at Carole Park this morning.
Police continue the search for the remains of Sharron Phillips at Carole Park this morning. Inga Williams

The man said as soon as they were home he got out of the car and his father drove off somewhere alone.

He said days later he found a handbag and women's shoes in his car.

"I came forward because they (the Phillips family) were blaming the father, and I was 99% sure it was not the father . . . I wanted the truth to come out," the man said.

Homicide chief Detective Acting Superintendent Damien Hanson told media at the Carole Park search site in May the man's information was extremely credible.

He said there was a high level of detail provided to them which had been verified from previous investigations and included information which had never been made public.

"We can say with certainty he (the father) has a reason to be in that area at that time with his work," he said at the weekend.

"That was a changeover point for his taxi. That puts him right at that phone box at that time."

A Queensland Police Service spokesman told the Queensland Times the man is assisting police and the investigation is ongoing.

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