New plans to preserve council landfill

RECYCLED concrete will be used to build roads and preserve the life of landfill under a new initiative.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council will crush waste concrete at the Gatton and Laidley waste facilities which Infrastructure Works and Services will use to build roads.

The use of recycled concrete was first trialled during the Laidley flood mitigation works when recycled crushed concrete was used to form a road access for a hard-stand area at the Laidley Landfill to manage excess soil.

Despite heavy rain, there was no significant scouring and the material demonstrated good longevity.

Waste Management Portfolio Councillor Jason Cook said the partnership would ensure the valuable resource was used to its full potential.

Cr Cook said the cost passed onto ratepayers was significantly reduced.

"While there is obviously a cost to processing the concrete, the approach saves us buying virgin material from the quarries," he said.

"It is working well so far and we hope to use more of the product in the future. 

"There will never be enough recycled concrete material to meet IWS's requirements for road construction or maintenance but reducing costs, diverting a reusable material and extending the life of landfills is a great outcome." 

Year 11 students graduate at university

Year 11 students graduate at university

The university program allows high school students to attend.

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