Netballers shooting high


Motley Crew 35 d Ginger Ninjas 10 (b/f: Amy Hauser, Tina Quinn, Renae Fitzgerald), Wagtails 36 d Synergy Sapphire 7 (b/f: Kym Crosby, Katie Hauser, Courtney Marschke), Pacers 22 d Hornets 22 (b/f: Brooke Kirkwood, Bec Creedy, Leeann Morris), Donna's Divas 17 d Candy Apples 9 (b/f: Claudia Edwards, Chris Taylor, Maddi Purdon), Red Rebels 22 d Smurfs 8 (b/f: Jael Jackwitz, Scott McGrath, Chris Taylor), The Big Bang 22 d Fits and Giggles 14 (b/f: Tenika Kirkwood, Brendan Van Ansem, Renae Fitzgerald).

Draw for August 12:

6.20pm: Pacers v Synergy Sapphires, Motley Crew v Candy Apples.

7.10pm: Wagtails v Hornets, Donna's Divas v Ginger Ninjas.

8pm: Smurfs v Fits and Giggles, Red Rebels v The Big Bang.

Representative round-up:

The Darling Downs Inter-district Regional Finals were held at the Laidley Netball Courts on Sunday, August 1.

The Open Ladies team managed to come in at third, while the Under 15/16s made it to the finals.

Katie Hauser, Rowie Banff and Kaitlin Campbell were all recognised for their outstanding play, with each receiving an award - Shooter of the final, Defender of the final and Centre of the Final, accordingly.

While the Under 13/14s and 11/12s were not able to make the finals this season they both had a very productive season.

Most Valuable Representative Players trophies were awarded to Kirsten Sippel (Open), Katie Hauser (15/16s), Ricki Conley (13/14s) and Kaitlyn Hodges (11/12s).

Lockyer Valley

Netball Results for August 4.

Ladies A: Ditzy Divas 29 d Purple People Eaters 26 (b/f: Kylie Lerch, Brodie Quine, Sonia Gillis), Whistle Whistle's 22 d Grass Cutters 14 (b/f: Danni Ashley, Allana McIntyre, Renee Jones), Crickets 34 d Jailbirds 15 (b/f: Katie Hauser, Linda Ruthenberg, Jacinta Crighton), Pink Piglets 22 d Peace Makers 10 (b/f: Dimity Hunter, Paula Turnbull, Maree Owens).

Ladies B: Benchwarmers 32 d Freddos 17 (b/f: Petrina Waldie, Annalee Mellon, Jesslyn Mason), Superfreaks 20 d Sunkist 15 (b/f: Hayley Peach, Caitlin Ruthenberg, Courtney Dolan).

Mixed: Gobstoppers 28 d Something Random 20 (b/f: Matt Gillis, Kyah Rochford, Jo Maher), The Tools 32 d Fish Out of Water 28 (b/f: Steph Marschke, Renee Jones, Carissa Mason).

Draw for August 11:

5.30pm: Grass Cutters v Ditzy Diva's (Danni/Matt), Pink Piglets v Crickets (Barb/Alys).

6.15pm: The Tools v Something Random (Jo/Lisa), Peacemakers v Hawini's (Janelle/Karen).

7pm: Sunkist v Freddo's (Matt/Grace), Last Minutes v Jailbirds (Bree/Barb).

7.45pm: V-Dubs v Gobstoppers (Danni/Katie), Benchwarmers v Superfreaks (Janelle/Alys).

8.30pm: Purple People Eaters v Whistle Whistle's (Bree/Phil).

The A Team forfeit to Fish out Water.

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