Mum shares story of homelessness after hearing others

YOUR SAY: Today I read the story of Katie and Michael sleeping in Clewley Park. Thank you Katie and Michael for telling your story and thank you to The Chronicle for printing it.

Some years ago my family lived in the rectory in Fortitude Valley and I would often make sandwiches for homeless and hungry folk at our door.

I tried so hard not to judge and to always treat them with respect and compassion. But honestly, I just didn't understand how they'd managed to be in such a pickle. Until my kids and I became homeless. Suddenly.

I had no education (the income provider for our family abandoned us and took with him his new and shiny PhD), no home, no job, no money for rental accommodation. What I did have was two teenage kids in school and an eviction notice from my husband's employer. Then - then - I understood. I so "got it".

Folks, next time you see a story about homeless folk, please don't judge. Sometimes life throws us nasty stuff and we just have to deal with it all as best we can. Surely our job as community members is to do what we can to help and perhaps try to walk a mile in their shoes.


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