SEEKING JUSTICE: Caitlin’s mother Rachelle Lind
SEEKING JUSTICE: Caitlin’s mother Rachelle Lind Rob Williams

Mum refused details on investigation into paediatric doctor

THE body that registers doctors will not comment on the outcome of its investigation into the paediatric specialist involved in the case of baby Caitlin Porter.

Caitlin died at Ipswich Hospital after a 10 hour battle to survive seven and a half years ago.

The Coroner found treating staff did not appreciate the seriousness of her condition, made inadequate resuscitation efforts, wrongly inserted a tube into her lungs and failed to detect the wrong placement of the tube for four and a half hours despite two x-rays showing the wrong placement and did not detect a "huge" haemorrhage at the back of her head.

The paediatric consultant involved was referred to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) for consideration of disciplinary action by the State Coroner on September 2012.

He is still registered and practising in Ipswich as a paediatric specialist.

The tragic story of Caitlin Porter has been reported in a series of stories in The QT since November when her mother Rachelle Lind turned to the paper after frustrated attempts to find answers into the death.

Yesterday Mrs Lind said AHPRA refused to give her details on the case other than to tell her the investigation had concluded.

AHPRA has refused to release the findings to the QT and would not confirm yesterday whether the investigation had concluded or whether the doctor ever was investigated.

An AHPRA spokeswoman said they were restricted by law in what they could comment on or release publicly.

"The Board cannot disclose certain information.

"This includes whether the Board has taken action in relation to a practitioner that does not, under the provisions of the National Law, result in additional information appearing on the public register," she said.

"From time to time, Coroners ask the Medical Board to consider whether information they have received warrants further action by the Board." Mrs Lind is continuing in her bid to obtain a copy of the agency's findings.

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