Mistress MP with 'member' in red may be kicked out of LNP

Queensland MP Peter Dowling
Queensland MP Peter Dowling

OUTED sexter Peter Dowling could face disciplinary action from the LNP under the party's constitution following revelations he sent photos to his mistress of his penis plonked in a wine glass.

LNP party president Bruce McIver said organisational matters and some issues in Mr Dowling's private life had been raised with him some months ago.

But he said allegations the Redlands MP breached parliamentary travel guidelines in meeting his mistress, and details about his naked sexting habits, were new to the party when media reported them on Tuesday.

The allegations are outlined in a letter from Mr Dowling's former lover to Speaker Fiona Simpson.

"At no stage was any allegation of an offence committed by Peter Dowling raised with me, or any member of the LNP Executive," Mr McIver said.

"While the personal matters, which are not condoned by the party, appear to have occurred between consenting adults in private, there is nothing that can be said to defend actions which have caused deep embarrassment and shame to Mr Dowling and his family.

"Mr Dowling will answer to party members at the appropriate time under the LNP constitution."

While Mr McIver did not point to a specific part of the constitution, the document does detail possible consequences if a party member has "brought the party into disrepute or otherwise behaved in a manner contrary to the interests of the party".

The State Council can prohibit the person from exercising voting powers and may expel or suspend the member from the party.

Mr Dowling apologised in Queensland Parliament on Tuesday for the "shame and embarrassment" he had caused his wife and family.

He voluntarily stood down as chair of the Ethics Committee which is where the matter could end up if the Clerk of Parliament finds he has a case to answer.

"I will answer any question, front any investigation and inquiry as it relates to my work as Member for Redlands," he said.

Mr McIver said organisational matters raised with him several months ago were investigated and "found to be without basis".

He said the personal issues raised were general and considered a matter for Mr Dowling and his family, unrelated to his duties as an MP.

Mr McIver said he also received an anonymous letter containing general information about Mr Dowling's private life.

He said another woman, now believed to be the subject of the media reports, subsequently contacted the LNP office on July 15 to discuss "what she called matters about the private life of an un-named MP and stated specifically they did not relate to his work as a Member of Parliament".


MP with 'member' in red had sex at our expense: mistress

THE mistress of a Queensland MP who photographed his penis in a glass of red wine says she "enjoyed the people's money" when the pair went on official trips together.

Peter Dowling stepped aside as chair of the parliamentary ethics committee on Tuesday, saying he could not defend his behaviour after being outed by his former lover, known only as Roslyn.

In a four-page letter to Queensland Speaker Fiona Simpson, the woman has alleged the pair used Mr Dowling's parliamentary annexe bedsit and Victoria Point electorate office for sex.

Fairfax reports that in an interview aired on Nine News on Tuesday, the woman said she had also enjoyed the perks of parliamentary travel.

"I enjoyed the people's money too when I stayed in the hotel rooms," she said.

"I enjoyed the perks of the Australian taxpayers' (sic) because I was in the hotel with him."

The divorced mother said the MP, who was "very charismatic and knew what to say", led her to believe "we would be able to have a life together in the future".

"It was very passionate. He made me feel it was real," she said.

Of the explicit text messages and pornographic photographs, Mr Dowling's mistress said: "We didn't have any inhibitions, put it that way."

Mr Dowling is accused of taking advantage of parliamentary travel trips to meet his mistress in locations including Perth and New Zealand.

The Courier-Mail revealed yesterday it had seen several explicit text messages sent from Mr Dowling's mobile phone to the woman, including a picture of his penis in a glass of red wine, a self-shot image of his crotch while wearing boxer shorts and a full frontal picture of his genitalia.

Mr Dowling was first to speak as Queensland Parliament sittings opened for the week, apologising to his family and colleagues.

He claimed he had not breached parliament travel guidelines, including more than $20,000 in free upgraded flights.

"I'm not proud of the events plastered all over today's paper," he said on Tuesday.

"I can't and won't defend any part of it.

"I owe my staff an apology for the calls and emails they will no doubt be fielding.

"I owe my colleagues and fellow members an apology for any embarrassment or any poor reflection on the party.

"I do not wish for this issue and for my family to be dragged through the media any longer than necessary."

Mr Dowling has asked the clerk of parliament to consider the matters as he stepped down as Ethics Committee chair.

He asked for his family's privacy and for a "swift resolution".

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