Get the right advice to help make moving less stressful

Whether you do it yourself or hire professionals, planning ahead and taking extra care are vital for a smooth move to a new home.
Whether you do it yourself or hire professionals, planning ahead and taking extra care are vital for a smooth move to a new home. Think Stock

MOVING home is right up there with death and divorce in terms of the stress generated so it pays to plan well to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.


Professional help

Your home is full of prized possessions.

The last thing you want is to get to your new residence and find that furniture had been damaged or that precious box of crystal glassware dropped.

Professional movers are the best way to ensure your belongings arrive at their destination intact.

They have the muscle, equipment, expertise and experience to ensure the greatest care is taken.

If something does happen they are usually insured to cover damages.

Be sure to tell them which pieces are especially valuable.

Items like pianos may require specialist removalists.

Professional removalists can also provide packing material, actually pack and unpack your home and provide storage if needed.

You can book movers for the duration of the move (like Grace Removals Group at 131442, All Purpose Removals and Storage at 1300 139595 and Affordable Home and Office Removals at 5491 1078) or by the hour with the number of removalists you would like (try Citymove at 1300 970 540 or Location to Location Removalists at 1300 362 403).

Compare quotes on or

Get help even if you decide against professional movers.

Call on family and friends, especially those with vehicles that can accommodate boxes and small items of furniture.

You still will have to hire a truck or trailers but at least you will have extra sets of hands when moving those heavy items.

Make sure you take your time and pack carefully.


Packing materials

If you get professional help, the removalist company usually provides boxes, tape and packing paper.

Try Bunnings, the Post Office and Officeworks for your essential materials.

There is scope to beg boxes off your local supermarket or fresh produce store.

If you could do without the hassle try companies like Direct Packing Supplies ( that have special packs to suit the size of your move including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, marker pens and knives and will deliver and pick up free of charge.


Get insured

Again, if you go with professional movers insurance is usually part of the package but especially if you are moving items yourself it is worth considering.

Some precious items cannot be replaced but at the very least you will have some peace of mind when it comes to those items that can be found again.

Companies like Removals Insurance Australia, Savill Hicks Corp and Vero Household Removal Insurance will do no obligation on-line quote counters or check with a contents insurance provider as they will often cover goods in transit.


Take your time

Rushing is never a good idea whether you are packing your belongings into boxes or loading them into the truck.

Five more minutes of care taken will save you more work at your destination or the heartbreak of losing precious items.


Moving tips

  • Stay organised - of course there will be unexpected issues on moving day but for the most part you can have a comfortable move by packing and organising your possessions in advance.
  • Gather packing supplies in advance.
  • Label all boxes clearly.
  • Have extra cash on hand.
  • Plan for your first night in your new home.


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