Motorcycle rider dies in front of his mates

A MALE motorcyclist died on Sunday when he drifted into the path of an oncoming truck on Summerland Way, north of Kyogle,

Richmond Local Area Command Inspector Doug Connors said the 25-year old was on a group ride the the accident occurred.

"Out on the Mt Lindsay Rd at Summerland Way at 2pm a 25 year-old male was with a group of motorcyclists doing a ride from Queensland to Muurrwillumbah," he said.

At the time it appears the riders attempted to negotiate a winding left-hand turn on the road and he lost control travelling south-bound and veered into then north-bound lane and collided with a truck."

Insp Connors said the man died at the scene and a number of his group were witness to the incident.

"Efforts were made on scene but unfortunately the rider was not able to be revived," he said.

"A brief is being prepared for the coroner."

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