10 days and counting with no clear government

IT HAS been 10 days since the election and Queensland will have to wait a few more to find out which party will govern the state.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland deadline for postal votes is Tuesday afternoon but a spokeswoman from the office says not all electorates may be declared today.

With a result looming, Labor and the LNP have been locked in a dispute over what should happen with the seat of Ferny Grove.

The election outcome faces court action after it was confirmed one of the candidates was an undischarged bankrupt and ineligible to run.

Labor hopes to form government but the LNP believes it should remain in caretaker mode until the issue is finalised.

Ferny Grove may fall to Labor's pool of 44 seats. With the support of independent Peter Wellington, Labor will have 45 seats to form a majority.

Labor leader Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Monday she hoped to approach the Governor Paul de Jersey by the end tomorrow, maybe earlier, to ask permission to form a minority government. She said a writ would be forwarded once the result for Ferny Grove was declared, therefore electing a member for Ferny Grove.

But newly appointed LNP leader Lawrence Springborg slammed Ms Palaszczuk for her statements, saying it was "very premature". He said there were still seats in dispute and court action looming for Ferny Grove's outcome.

"It has an immediate bearing on whether there is going to be a change or a potential impact on the outcome for someone to sustain a majority," Mr Springborg said.

"That particular seat is crucial because without that seat, no party or group of parties, based on the current understanding, has enough seats to be able to form a majority government in Queensland."

Mr Springborg said the government should remain in caretaker mode until the issues were resolved.

He said there were ways decisions could be made with the consultation of both parties.

Ms Palaszczuk said Mr Springborg was trying to cling to power in Queensland.

APN sought clarification from the Governor's office on whether Mr de Jersey would be legally allowed to permit Labor to form a minority government with possible court action over the Ferny Grove outcome.

A spokesman from Mr de Jersey's office said the Governor would act according to the Queensland Constitution, but would not clarify further.

Controversy in Ferny Grove

THE Ferny Grove electorate, in Brisbane, has been a controversial one this election.

During the vote counting last week, the Electoral Commission of Queensland confirmed Palmer United Party candidate Mark Taverner was an undischarged bankrupt and ineligible to run. As of yesterday, he had 985 votes with 92% of ballots counted.

The difference between Labor's Mark Furner, who is likely to secure the seat, and LNP's Dale Shuttleworth was about 400 votes yesterday.

But it has been confirmed the outcome of the Ferny Grove count will be referred to the Court of Disputed Returns.

It is also possible Ferny Grove could have a by-election, which may affect the outcome of the State Election.

The LNP is expected to secure 39 seats. Three more seats are in doubt with the LNP ahead on the vote count in each seat. If there was a by-election in Ferny Grove and it went to the LNP, the LNP would secure 43 seats and would be able to govern with the possible support of the two Katter's Australian Party MPs.

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