Miley slammed by fans for raunchy Wrecking Ball video

SHE isn't twerking, but Miley Cyrus fans have greeted her music video for power ballad Wrecking Ball with the same ridicule.

The long-awaited music video was released on Miley Cyrus' You Tube account on September 9 and features a tearful Cyrus, who in some shots is licking a sledge hammer and riding a wrecking ball in the nude.

While fans on her You Tube account have praised the lyrics of the song they have slammed the video for being "unnecessarily provocative".

One fan wrote: "I really liked both her songs. But there's no reason for all this provocative stuff."

Another said: "Love the song but this video is way to (sic) provocative, I mean is being naked necessary?"


You can check out the video above and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

WARNING: Some may consider parts of the video offensive

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