SUPERMUM: Milestones keep coming no matter your age

LIFE is full of important milestones.

From the minute a child is born you record all the important things they do... their first smile, first word, first step.

After a while those "first time" milestones dwindle down over the years, but it doesn't make a milestone any less important.

This week it was another big event in my son's life as he celebrated the end of his primary school with a graduation dinner.

As one of the teachers addressed the group of fresh faced pre-teens surrounded by doting parents he reminded us all about the next "first" they are facing as they merge into high school for Year 7.

It is exciting times indeed for these kids.

Supermum toon November 27. Photo Contributed by Harry Bruce.
Supermum toon November 27. Photo Contributed by Harry Bruce. Harry Bruce.

Thinking back to my own school years I have many fond memories of both primary and high school, but the best memories are certainly in those later years.

And no, it's not because my memory of primary school has faded (although that might be somewhat true).

It is because my high school years were where I learnt many life-long skills and found some life-long friends.

It is also when I discovered an interest in photography, discovered boys, got my first job and learnt to drive a car.

In a lot of ways high school was where I found myself, so I am excited to see my son soon to start that part of his journey.

Writing this, I have realised those big milestone events never stop at any age.

After all, this week I reached a few of my own.

It is not just because in two weeks I no longer have a primary school boy… I'll have a young man off to high school.

I also just celebrated six months of life with my Superman… and things couldn't be more super.

We are now taking a few more milestone steps together but he constantly reminds me it is not always the big things that are important.

All the little things are too.

The cute text messages, romantic emails, phone calls and hand holding.

The cuddles, the kisses, the smiles and those special glances.

As the saying goes, life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments.

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