Devil child has no fear

MILESTONES are an amazing part of watching children grow.

As parents it is such an exciting time seeing them reach all the important ones - sitting, crawling, standing, walking and talking.

Family fun day happening on May 2

And as they get older it is so rewarding seeing them grow and change and learn so many new things.

It has been a week of huge milestones in my house this week, but unfortunately they haven't been good ones.

My youngest, Master T, is 21 months old and learning new things at a rapid rate.

He is also my devil child, as he has become affectionately known in our house.

He has no fear, he will try anything.

He climbs, he gets into everything.

He has climbed into cupboards and on to shelves.

He is also my devil child, as he has become affectionately known in our house.

This week we have lost a number of the kids' favorite little toys because he had found a hole in our screen door and worked on it until he could fit his fist through, and push the toys through for the dog to chew up.

Last week I found he had pushed half the pegs from the peg basket outside through another hole he had created.

We have always kept most of the doors in our house shut to keep him out. If you leave the bathroom door open he will find something to climb up onto and turn the taps on.

This week's "milestones" started at nap time.

About 45 minutes after I put him down for his nap, I heard tapping. Thinking his brother was hammering something on the tiles near his room, I called out for Master H to stop.

Five minutes later, same thing. Five minutes later, I called out again, only to find Master H standing right beside me.

Thinking that Master T must be in his cot tapping on the wall, I went to investigate.

Then I heard an unmistakable sound. The sound of a doorknob rattling. The sound is unmistakable because Master T can't open doors yet, but he loves to try.

With my heart pounding I opened the door.

There was Master T, with a huge smile on his face, looking very proud of himself, out of his cot and on the floor. He had pulled all the books off his shelf.

Thankfully he hadn't hurt himself, so with trepidation I put him back in the cot. I kept checking to make sure this time he had gone to sleep and not tried any more climbing.

After his nap, I heard his familiar cry, wanting to get out of the cot. I went to collect him, to find that yet again he was on the floor, looking very happy with himself.

Needless to say the side of the cot came off immediately. I had wanted to keep him in his cot as long as possible. His climbing out was telling me that this was that moment.

Now we would have to face the milestone of a toddler moving into a bed. Would he go to sleep, would he not want to stay put, would he wander?

With a safety rail attached to his bed, he had two very restful sleeps. He climbed onto his bed and went straight to sleep both nights. Phew.

If he woke up early, he sat on his bed and cried until he got a little cuddle and then went back to bed. Then he would wander down to our room when it was time to get up.

But, given his nickname, it was not going to be as easy as I was tentatively hoping it might have been.

The third night, I left his door ajar, so I could make sure he stayed on his bed and went to sleep.

As I was reading to Master H, in walked Master T, with a very cheeky smirk on his face.

The third time he climbed out of bed, my husband took him back and this time shut the door so he couldn't get out.

The next thing we knew, he was out again - he had finally mastered the doorknobs.

I guess that was a big accomplishment for him. Because he was determined to try it again, and again and again. He finally went to sleep 90 minutes after his normal bed time.

I spent that night, wide awake, listening for any tiny sound or noise, wondering if he had woken and come out of his room.

And now he is waking up earlier and earlier, wanting to wake his brother and get up and play. Never mind it is still dark and clearly not time to get up yet.

He is also continued practicing his door-opening skills. This time the doors to the toilets. He has had a lot of fun lifting the lids and throwing toys in there.

All of a sudden we have found ourselves having to reassess the baby proofing in our house.

I can't help but be anxious about what trouble he is going to get up to next.

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