Lateesha Nolan
Lateesha Nolan

Dad's relief at Naden's guilty plea


That's the word Bundaberg man Mick Peet prayed to hear from the man who murdered his daughter ever since she went missing eight years ago.

And yesterday in the docks of the NSW Supreme Court, former fugitive Malcolm Naden pleaded guilty to 18 charges including the murders of Mr Peet's daughter Lateesha Nolan and her friend Kristy Scholes.

Those guilty pleas mark the end of one of the biggest manhunts and police cases in NSW history and the end of a traumatic eight years for Mr Peet and his family.

"I didn't get much sleep (the night before) wondering whether he would plead guilty or not guilty," Mr Peet said.

"I'm really glad we won't have to go through the long process of going through a trial now."

Naden, formerly one of Australia's most wanted men, was arrested in March last year after almost seven years on the run.

He will be sentenced for his crimes on April 24.

"I'll be going down for the sentence," Mr Peet said.

"It's been a long eight years and I'm sure there will be a lot of anger."

The grieving dad said the family was still coming to terms with losing Ms Nolan, a mother of four.

"This man has destroyed the lives of two 24-year-old girls, their entire families and his own family," Mr Peet said.

"Those children will never get to grow up with their mum they way they should have."

Ms Nolan's body has never been found despite extensive police searches with the help of Naden.

"I really want to find her remains and lay her to rest properly," Mr Peet said.

"I'm glad this will be over in another month."

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