Meth lord's sentence appeal denied

A BUNDABERG meth lord who controlled a syndicate supplying drugs all over the country has been denied a more lenient sentence on appeal.

Mathew Sam Bost was sentenced to nine years' jail for trafficking vast amounts of methylamphetamine between 2008 and 2011.

Bost's lawyers argued in the Queensland Court of Appeal that the original sentence was too harsh because the sentencing judge had labelled him a "serious violent offender".

Justice Hugh Fraser - in a judgment handed down on Friday - disagreed, saying the term related to the "extremely serious nature of the offence".

Bost was the kingpin behind a network of underling drug dealers who used couriers to dispatch meth around Queensland and interstate.

Police phone intercepts revealed he was in conversations about the supply of drugs on an almost daily basis.

Financial analysis showed his spending exceeded his known declared income by more than $620,000 over a 32-month period - a figure both Bost and police agreed was well below his actual income.

Once he fell, Bost discovered his business partners were none-too-loyal.

His "distribution manager" told police he had moved more than 3kg of meth for Bost over an 18-month period.

Another informant, Stefankowski, said he had couriered "bricks" of cash to Sydney for Bost in exchange for steroids.

He also did runs to Sydney with vacuum-sealed bags of money, returning to Bundaberg with packages of drugs on each occasion.

He would transport drugs to Rockhampton, Townsville, Darwin and Sarina and was arrested in Rockhampton with more than $146,000 in his car on Christmas Eve in 2010.

The person he had met in Rockhampton was caught with more 89g of pure meth.

Another dealer said he had paid about $140,000 in cash to Bost for drugs and still owed him about $82,000.

Bost was only 25 when the offences began.

Justice Fraser said the sentence "was not manifestly excessive", given that a maximum sentence of 15 years could have been issued.


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