Mental health case load increases by 4.5%

THE Mental Health Review Tribunal experienced a 4.5% increase in its case load over the past year.

The tribunal's annual report, which was tabled in State Parliament this week, revealed the court received 16,884 matters with 11,978 matters being listed for hearing.

Mental Health Review Tribunal president Barry Thomas said a 5% increase of outcomes of matters was achieved, equating to an average of an additional 3.5 outcomes per hearing day.

"The adjournment rate was 14.2% of listed matters, the majority of these attributed to either a patient transferring from one service to another or the lack of evidence at the hearings," he said.

"During the year, 1433 forensic order reviews were conducted resulting in 90% being confirmed with limited community treatment.

"Patient attendance at hearings remains a focus for further attention, of 2907 matters relating to inpatient episodes of involuntary treatment, patient attended on 1843 occasions.

"Of patients within the community, attendance was 2885 out of a possible 8790 matters."