Mascot born and bred locally

IT was an honour for local breeder, Virginia-Lee Muller, of Lowood to have the opportunity breed a pony for the Australian Defence Force.

After being approached by the Defence Force to breed their mascot pony, Septimus Quintus, for them the end product has been produced and was ready to be handed over.

“We will retire the colt, his father, Septimus Quartus, and then the new one takes its place,” she said.

“We were delighted when we were approached by 1RAR Townsville in June 2009 to breed the next mascot pony, to be sired by the existing Mascot Septimus Quartus (Everdale Sparky).

“Opportunities like this are rare so we felt very honoured to be selected.”

The contract was signed, sealed and breeding began in late 2009 for the 2010 foals.

Two mares were bred in the hope that one would produce a colt.

“The second foal bred was a lovely filly that will be retained by Polmore Park,” she said.

“The association we have had with 1RAR Townsville has been a delight and we are very pleased to be able to hand over the finished product in the colt named Septimus Quintus (Polmore Park Septimus Qunitus).”

Current horsehandler, Kirsten Court, said he is proud of the new mascot, and he will look after its general welfare, exercise and grooming.

Mr Court was transferring the new mascot up to Townsville by float over a period of a few days.

“Originally, Trevor Zimmerman, the old horsehandler was in charge of the old colt who has been with the First Batallion since 1993,” Mr Court said.

“Septimus Quintus is now the batallion mascot and he was born in September so he is about eight months old.

“He is the old colt's son and as a mascot he will fulfil a few duties.

“The mascot marches in front of the batallion at parades and represents us and he will get a rank,” he said.

The prize pony will be based at Lavarack Barracks in Townsville with the First Batallion and was unveiled at the Coral Day memorial parade, to honour and remember the battle in Vietnam.

Septimus Quintus' entry rank is private but will work his way up the ranks as the years go on.

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