Marathon Jacqui's recording breaking dream cut short

She's the youngest person in the world to run an ultra marathon on all seven continents and she was set to conquer the 161km Brisbane Valley Rail Trail recently before health complications got in her way.

Jacqui Bell, 25, finally spoke out about having to pull out of the much publicised attempt.

"I was really excited for it, I worked really hard with a few sponsors to make it a bit of a fun event - to have the finish line finishing at Riverlink," Miss Bell said.

"About 10 days out from the run I got pretty sick and I knew that wasn't great before the race.

"I recovered from that and then I was still slightly run down - I just didn't rest up for the run."


Thanks for all the kind messages, I’m alive ❤️ This time round got the better of me though, it was a bit of a shock as...

Posted by Jacqui Bell on Wednesday, 12 August 2020


Miss Bell said she didn't realise she wouldn't be able to finish the race until moments before she actually made the call to quit.

"I don't think I really realised until just before I made the call," she said.

"Things weren't going great - I've never had to pull out of anything before or quit anything before so it didn't really run through my mind.

"I started vomiting about 100km in and I knew I was really dehydrated and I ended up burning 17,000 calories on the run and I only took in about 2000 calories.

"So it makes sense why I was running out of energy and depleted and I guess my body felt like it was shutting down a bit."

Miss Bell said that she knew something was off at that point and decided to phone her coach for advice.

"When I started vomiting and there was a bit of blood in it I started wondering if this was worth my health," she said.

"I made the call at 130km."


Last weeks 100 miler didn’t go as planned… I think I have been slightly naive to the concept of not being able to...

Posted by Jacqui Bell on Tuesday, 18 August 2020


Miss Bell said despite not finishing the trail she was proud of her efforts.

"Mentally I haven't really struggled with the decision that I had to stop because I was so unwell," she said.

"I don't look back and think oh I would've been all right.

"On reflection there is no way I could've been able to keep going, I spent the next five days in bed.

"I ended up coming down with acute bronchitis and I was really unwell."

Miss Bell said she's committed to bouncing back stronger and completing the trail later on this year.

"I've already set a new date and I've spoken to everyone who was a part of it," she said.

"I'm going to go back out and I know what I'm in for this time."

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