Man jailed for ambo assault

A MAN who unleashed a sickening assault on a paramedic has been jailed.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Vaughan Lindsay Murray, 22, spat on the ambulance officer as he was being treated.

The court heard police were called to a residence at Booval at about 9.45pm on August 31 to find a male lying face down in the informant's backyard.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Brad Dick said an ambulance was called to assist police with the man, who was aggressively ranting and incoherent.

"Despite Queensland Ambulance Services trying to assist the man, he wouldn't provide details of his identity and was unwilling to co-operate," Snr Const Dick said.

"The decision was made to transport the defendant to the Ipswich Hospital and police were required to stay with QAS en route."

In the ambulance Murray continued to behave aggressively, thrusting his hands at the ambulance officer and swearing.

"The defendant then filled his mouth with spit and spat thick green mucus at the officer, which struck him on the shirt," Snr Const Dick said.

"Clearly this is a disgusting and unprovoked assault."

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said his client did not recall any of the events that took place.

The court heard Murray, from Riverview, had a history of violence and assaults.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum said spitting at someone was a disgusting and degrading act.

Murray was sentenced to six months in prison.

Taking into account three days already served in custody he will be eligible for parole on September 23.

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