Man smashes window, showers woman in glass when called by ex's name

A 21-YEAR-OLD man has been sentenced to a suspended term of imprisonment after he smashed a window with his bare hands and showered his partner in glass after she mistakenly called him by her ex's name.

Gladstone Magistrates Court heard that on November 13, at about 2.30pm, the aggrieved and the defendant were having an argument at a private address.

When the defendant was asked to leave by the aggrieved, he refused, resulting in him being pushed out the back door of the home.

The aggrieved then locked the door behind her, in an attempt to stop the arguing.

But the defendant wasn't having any of it and used his hands to hit the glass window of the door repeatedly while yelling and screaming at the aggrieved to let him inside.

The court heard that despite being told by the woman to leave her alone, the defendant continued to hit the glass with his open hands, causing it to smash.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said the "broken glass sprayed over the aggrieved, causing cuts on both her arms and back".

Because her child was at the address, "the aggrieved then walked through the glass", now all over the floor, to make sure the child didn't walk towards the scattered shards. In doing so, she inured her feet too.

About four hours later, police found the defendant and questioned him.

They were told the defendant's anger unravelled when the aggrieved called him by her ex-partner's name.

The court heard the defendant had also received injuries from the window smashing - requiring him to receive stitches on his left hand.

Magistrate Melanie Ho said although the defendant had only been in court once, his three-year history had 22 offences and his current probation order had been breached twice.

Ms Ho was told the defendant had failed urine analysis testing in the past, which was a condition of his current probation order.

She heard no substantial steps toward rehabilitation were taken by the defendant either, with him cancelling a domestic counselling program he had been referred to.

The court also heard the defendant had only attended two anger-management classes with Relationships Australia.

Although I was contemplating giving you probation, given the poor performance of (your current) probation and, in my view, given the seriousness of the facts today, a term of imprisonment is appropriate, Ms Ho said.

"You are young ... you need to get off the drugs."

The defendant pleaded guilty to one contravention of domestic violence offence. He was sentenced to three months imprisonment suspended for 12 months.

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