Fake nurse tried to rape teen

DAVID Irelandes fraudulently claimed to be a nurse and he unlawfully carried out intimate internal examinations on a heavily pregnant 17-year-old girl in the week before she gave birth.

The teenager, who still suffers emotional harm, later described how she felt violated, was sick and gutted when she learnt that Irelandes was a fraud.

Posing as a nurse allowed Irelandes to win the trust of the teenager, her boyfriend and family members.

He did not commit the offences for sexual gratification because he is openly homosexual and it remains a mystery why he did it.

“It (internal examinations) caused the girl a lot of pain and the threat of injury to her and her unborn child was very real,” Crown prosecutor Chris Winlaw said.

“The Crown says he got some gratification from being closely involved in her pregnancy and his desire to deliver the baby.

"His conduct was reckless, dangerous and selfish and he did it at great risk to the girl and her unborn child.”

Irelandes, 21, right, pleaded guilty in the District Court in Mackay yesterday to six offences of rape in November 2009.

He was working in a clerical position at the Youth Information Referral Service (YIRS) and the pregnant teenager was using the service for medical advice, Mr Winlaw said.

Irelandes took an interest in the pregnancy and about one week before she gave birth he drove her to the Mackay Base Hospital in a YIRS vehicle, accompanied by her boyfriend, and he stayed with them while a qualified nurse examined the teenager.

On leaving hospital he drove the teenager and her boyfriend back to the YIRS office where he converted the office into weekend accommodation for them and himself.

During the weekend he internally examined the girl several times.

On the Sunday he booked the couple and himself into a motel, telling them the YIRS office would have to re-open the next morning.

He conducted a further internal examination at the motel and another one at the teenager's grandmother's house later in the week.

The teenager then had severe pains and cramps but Irelandes advised her not to go to hospital.

Finally her grandmother intervened and took her to hospital where she gave birth to a healthy child.

Irelandes went back to YIRS.

Their office was notified he had been pretending to be a nurse at YIRS and also at the hospital and he was fired immediately.

The teenager found out several days later and notified police, Mr Winlaw said.

Irelandes had no medical qualifications but he had done a brief pre-nursing course at TAFE and worked for a short term as a nurse's assistant in an Ipswich hospital.

Judge Brian Harrison said it was important to find out why Irelandes committed the offences, whether he could be rehabilitated, and if he was a risk to other people in the future.

Judge Harrison ordered a pre-sentence report, to include psychiatric or psychological evaluation, and remanded Irelandes in custody for sentencing on a date to be set.

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