The scene of the crash on Wilson St in West Mackay.
The scene of the crash on Wilson St in West Mackay. Jacob Miley

Driver loses control and crashes sports car into home

A DRIVER was daydreaming when he spun out in his sports car in the wet, mounted a kerb, crashed through a fence and hit a West Mackay home.

Amos John Sinclair's lapse in concentration on a slippery street landed him before Mackay Magistrates Court on Thursday.

The 29-year-old West Mackay man pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention over the mishap, which occurred about 8.50am on May 18.

Prosecutor Shelby Larcombe said police arrived at the single-car crash on the drizzly day to find Queensland Ambulance paramedics already on scene.

Sinclair's passenger was taken to hospital to be treated for undisclosed injuries.

"At approximately 8.59am police observed a blue Mazda RX-7 had mounted the gutter on Wilson St and collided with a fence ... and impacted with the side of a single storey house," Ms Larcombe said.

"Police have observed ... muddy tyre tracks leading to the collision zone, tracking through a large, open grassed area.

"The defendant provided multiple versions to police of how the crash may have occurred. The defendant stated that he turned on to Wilson St from Bridge Road and attempted to change gear, sending the car into a wheelspin and he subsequently lost control of the vehicle."

A vehicle was in the oncoming lane and Sinclair "attempted to steer his vehicle on to the left side of his lane, and when he did turn the steering wheel sharply he lost control of the vehicle, while heavily applying his brakes".

Sinclair blamed the rain and a "bump on the road", Ms Larcombe said, noting the weather conditions at the time.

However, Sinclair also told police "he was not properly concentrating while driving and was thinking about personal circumstances".

Defence lawyer Kate Bone, of Beckey, Knight & Elliott, said her client had completed a defensive driving course after the crash.

She emphasised Sinclair was not speeding and that the road was wet at the time.

Ms Bone also mentioned her client, an unemployed painter, had entered into civil restitutions with the home owners, who had insurance, and had agreed to pay $1500 excess.

The home was apparently unscathed, despite the crash, but its fence did not fare so well.

The differing versions of events Sinclair gave police were put down to his "state of shock" after the crash.

"He was trying to come to terms with how the accident had happened, so he was quite confused," Ms Bone said.

Sinclair had some traffic history, Ms Bone conceded, but Magistrate Ron Muirhead later described it as "not too bad" in recent years.

Mr Muirhead added the public must drive to conditions, but considered the crash an accident "as opposed to deliberate bad driving".

He took into account the driving course Sinclair had completed, fined him $400 and recorded a conviction.

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