A Kensington Grove man who rear ended a vehicle claims police have
A Kensington Grove man who rear ended a vehicle claims police have "permanently disfigured him” when he was arrested.

Man claims he’s ‘permanently disfigured’ after police arrest

A KENSINGTON Grove man claims he was “permanently disfigured” and has “permanent injuries” after he was “violently” arrested for swearing at police.

Keiron David Hubbard told police to “piss off” and “f—ck off” after they refused to give him a driver’s licence when he appeared at the Logan Central police station.

On Monday, September 28, Gatton Magistrates Court heard Hubbard, 49, had been involved in a traffic accident, where he rear-ended another vehicle on November 26, 2019, and fled to the police station when the situation turned aggressive, and he feared for his life.

Logan Central police questioned Hubbard, and found he had been demerit point suspended as of October 16, and was also high speed suspended from October 15.

Further checks revealed he was SPER suspended and was driving a car with false plates.

The court heard Hubbard told police he was going to drive, and demanded they give him a driver’s licence.

He appeared for one charge committing public nuisance, one count of driving without a licence demerit point suspended and one offence for driving a vehicle with false plates.

Police prosecutor senior constable Narelle Lowe told the court Hubbard began swearing at police.

“He told police to ‘fuck off this is bullshit’,” snr const Lowe said.

Hubbard, who was on the footpath outside the police station, continued to yell abuse as pedestrians, including children that walked past.

But Hubbard denied anyone was at the station besides him and seven officers.

“There was no one walking around, there was no people, children walking around as claimed in that brief,” Hubbard said.

Representing himself in court, Hubbard was dressed in jeans and a yellow and grey hoodie, as he carried his one-liter Ice Break milk into the courtroom.

“I was simply trying to ask one of the officers a question when she jumped out the car and violently arrested me,” he said.

Hubbard claimed the police officer swore at him while telling him to stop swearing.

“It seems to be that the law only applies to one side of the party here – I’m perplexed as to why police don’t follow their own laws,” Hubbard said.

“I’ve got permanent injuries from the arrest, permanently disfigured from the arrest, it’s all over noting because I didn’t know I was suspended.”

Hubbard appealed his high-speed charge and said he was speeding during a medical emergency, which occurred four hours out of town in the bush.

Hubbard told the court he wanted his driving suspension struck from the record, as he had already done 10 months on a six-month suspension.

Hubbard pleaded guilty to three charges.

He was convicted and fined $250 for public nuisance, convicted and fined $200 for false plates and convicted and fined $250 for driving with a suspended demerit point licence.

He was also disqualified from driving for the next six months.

Hubbard will reappear in Gatton Magistrates Court on October 19 for another incident which occurred at Plainland.

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