Gladstone man accused of raping eight-year-old

A GLADSTONE man accused of raping and molesting his partner's granddaughter while on an overnight car trip has emphatically told a jury he was not guilty of the offences.

The man, 52, faced Brisbane District Court on Monday charged with two rape and three molestation offences stemming from interactions with the then eight-year-old girl between June 16 and August 23 last year.

Crown prosecutor Sam Bain told the court the man, who cannot be named in order to protect the child's identity, had been in a four-year relationship with the child's grandmother.

He said the offences occurred while he was helping the child's mother relocate to Gladstone to be closer with her mother, which was his then partner.

"The girl will tell you that during a car trip from Brisbane to Gladstone the accused started touching her and placed his left hand down the front of her skirt and beneath her underwear," he said.

"The girl said the man started wriggling his fingers inside and outside her vagina and anus.

"He continued to do this throughout the trip and told the girl shortly before they arrived in Gladstone that what they had done was beautiful."

The court was played a recorded interview conducted at Rockhampton Police Station in August last year where the girl outlined to investigators what had occurred.

She said she only told her mother what happened after the man's relationship with her grandmother ended.

"We had a family meeting about him breaking up with my grandmother and I then told them about what happened in the car on the way up to Gladdy," she said.

Defence barrister Don Mackenzie told jurors in his brief opening address at the start of the trial the girl was not a victim because the offences had simply not occurred.

The two-day trial before Judge Fleur Kingham continues.


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